Surfside Collapse Has Miami Beach Resident Concerned About His Own Building

Bobeth Yates reports Mario Juarez said his building is exhibiting many of the same signs Champlain Towers South had before it came crashing down and he now has trouble sleeping at night.


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  1. That building needs to be evacuated. Roof in disrepair, pool on roof, cooling tower on roof, exposed rebar, sink hole in parking lot, man that's a ticking time bomb. Both the cooling tower and pool could cave in at any moment, but yet the association refunds money…. GTHOH

  2. Money prevents him from moving out. He has a mortgage, and he knows it would be near impossible to sell at this time. So essentially, just as we kept the economy open while people continued to die of Covid-19, people in this situation look at the financial setbacks rather than safety. This country deserves it's own destruction.

  3. How is not passing restoration and certification this is just not ok as well as other mudslides in to worse now fires as well as here and nope never going AND IN TEXAS HUGE FLOODING TO LOUISIANA IN KATRINA THESE ARE STILL NOT BEING INVESTIGATED AS WELL AS THE MISSING FEMA MONEY TO WORSEN THIS PEOPLE ARE BEING VACATED EVICTED NOT ABLE TO PAY BACK MORTGAGE WHEN IS THIS GOING TO GET FIXED

  4. Concrete has a life of around 50 years so I imagine every building that was built in the 70's or prior will be crumbling very soon, unless they have been taken care of and the proper maintenance and repairs have been taken care of. Americans love to put profit over lives so I'm guessing most building maintenance has had corners cut when it comes to it.

  5. What is wrong with that city…. I mean clearly new laws need to be in place. Let me tell ya, if they let something like this happen again…. God forbid. What an embarrassment.

  6. If you look at column-deck interface (next to umbrellas on collapsed deck), you clearly see how columns punched through the slabs. Look at garage floor that has slid down the columns. Building was constructed with no drops or capitals on the columns to support the slabs. Only the rebar and slab sticking to the columns support the slabs/floors. Punched right through. In the debris pile, you can see one entire column laying by itself. All the floors slid down it. Thatโ€™s the design defect, not the planters etc. columns were strong enough. Floors just were not really supported by the columns. The companion building is also a death trap and needs to be condemned by the incompetent local authorities.

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