Miami Beach Apartment Complex Evacuated Due to Safety Concerns

A third Miami-Dade residential building is being evacuated in the wake of the partial collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside.


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  1. Crooked RE/Owner strategy using the excuse that the building is in unlivable conditions, to kick out Tennant's to redevelop the site and build a Multi Million Dollar Condo!!!…….

  2. They are exploiting the disaster for their own benefit not for the benefit of the tenants.
    This is how many disgusting people get rich, the question is why do the authorities cooperate with them!

  3. There will probably be some grdnts available from the government and bam there you go. Less money spent, people out, condos selling high. Best example of gentrification

  4. California for all its faults will never as pathetic and corrupt as Florida. Buildings here are built like tanks and god forbid you have a shovel in your front yard. You’ll have the city, county and state inspectors at your door wanting a permit, layout and what building materials you’ll be using.

  5. Wow, what a great way to remove tenants for thier building demolishing. Cant get into legal trouble presumably…just kick em out and demolish for sale of the land….make some quick money.

  6. Any chance we could know exactly what the structural deficiencies are instead of taking the word of an attorney who has financial motivation to make such unsubstantiated claims.

  7. I'm starting to think that these buildings owners are taking advantage of the situation. I understand that the building was like 80 years old, but I think owners are doing this so they can build brand new and make more money. I can't believe that that man was paying 800.00 a month for one room. Thats more than some mortgages are around me.

  8. This is starting to be the greedy developers newest way to scam with city officials.. tear down the old develop the new at an inflated rate.. people get screwed and the corrupt line their pockets… Tell me I'm lying..

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