Miami Dolphins Roster Moves, Off-Season Dates, & QB Away?

I talk about the roster move made today, the off-season important dates, and are the Dolphins a QB away from a championship?

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  1. I think we are set. if anything we're a RB away. Currently it seems we have a RB by committee group. It can be done but the backs need to consistently get positive yards forcing the defenses to stay honest. Combined 100+ yards rushing per game required. Fins up!

  2. The Ford signing is just another one of those scratch your head/what the heck type of things. The Dolphins seem to like to hoard players for certain positions lol . Always a great video Doug .

  3. Assuming Howard stays (probably not happening) and the oline progresses, the dolphins should be a contending team this season. Another pass rusher would help but the biggest remaining question marks are oline and qb imo. This team is putting in the work though, let’s go phins!

  4. As for the Tua and Rogers thing… there’s no doubt Rogers would put Miami on the map, but such a move would cost a ton. I don’t know if a deal around Howard is enough. I’d rather invest in Tua and keep our draft capital. Considering his hip injury, the shortened off season, the depleted and relatively slow wr corps available last year, and Fitz-centric offensive system, I believe Tua was playing with the deck stacked against him. I fully expect to see a huge jump in his overall play this season, and I believe the Phins did the right thing by investing much more in the weapons and protection available to Tua. Now they will have a proper season to evaluate him and decide whether he’s the guy they believed him to be coming out of college.

  5. The Ford signing seems like a familiar face camp body. 🤷‍♂️
    In regards to the wrs in general, I’m excited about all the speed on this team now. As much as I’d love to keep Jakeem specifically for return duties, I feel like the Dolphins can afford to put someone else back there… maybe Albert Wilson or Lynn Bowden. I wouldn’t put Waddle there to start the season. Let him focus on contributing to the offense and fully recovering from the ankle injury that held him out last year. Similar story with Jevon Holland… focus on being the Swiss Army knife of the defense. Bite sized pieces for those rookies.
    As for my fave player X… I’m not entirely sure what to expect in return for him. Personally, I wouldn’t accept anything less than a 1st and the equivalent of a 3rd round pick. If that return offer doesn’t come prior to training camp, I’d make a deal with Howard and restructure his contract for this upcoming season. The restructuring would be incentive based (games played, interceptions, pro bowl, etc) allowing him to potentially earn far more than he’s set to make this upcoming season as is. Perhaps this appeases him and works as a prove it deal, allowing both parties to remain content, while buying another season for either a full contract restructuring or trade.

  6. If MIA trade X and picks for AR, MIA needs: CB, RB, an Oline. Id rather keep/trade X for frp and then let Tua develop to the point where he can lead MIA to deep playoff runs along with the many future picks MIA has. If he isnt it, you can still trade him away for a 2nd or 3rd and draft the next guy with the multitude of picks you got.

  7. Don't understand the Ford signing… would love to see Ingram signed, instead! I have strong belief that Tua will break out this year but still concerned about running game & OL, though I do see improvement this season! Don't think we're a SB contender in 2021 but 2022 is when I believe it all comes together & we win it all!!

  8. Yea Doug I think Ford might be a backup but that is kind of questionable. Maybe in case there is injury to Parker, Waddle, or anyone else. Parker does get injured a lot so ya never know. As long as our speed guys stay healthy Waddle and Fuller and Wilson that’s what’s most important I think. Keep Williams though over Ford as a backup in case of injury. Yea we are loaded on WRs I think we are that one piece away I think Tua makes that next step this year. I see us making a change at QB next season if Tua does not do much better this year but I say he improves dramatically this year with a offseason and training camp.

  9. Doug agree with what you said, Are we a QB away from a Super Bowl, THE REAL question is are we a play off team this year, I just want to see the playoffs 🤔 If we are in the playoffs at end of this season and our trades and draft picks are just right we are a year two max from a SUPER BOWL TEAM. Some times the truth hurts, and tired of giving up the house for one player.

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