Investigation Launched Into Evacuated North Miami Beach Condo

Joel Waldman reports about 300 residents of Crestview Towers were evacuated last Friday and the building was closed after the Condominium Association Board submitted a 40-year recertification report dated January 11th in which an engineer said it was structurally and electrically unsafe for occupancy.


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  1. Yeah my question is that didn't Get like that overnight So who's gonna Get charge with this Because all this could have been Prevented crooked inspectors in Miami taking bribes to look the other way So now you guys have to do your jod but no one is liable for those peoples that That died in that building cousin we all know is all corruption

  2. I know it will be expensive, but how about Florida tear down every residential buildings that are over 40 years old? I read somewhere that alot of the apartments and condos built in the 70s were funded by the Cocaine boom. Many housing projects were built without the proper inspection and licence.

  3. Also, are the residents not responsible themselves, if they voted to not have repairs done? Special assessment are part of the maintenance free lifestyle… They should know it means that they just get to pay for it!

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