Botez sisters, @HasanAbi , @Amouranth and @Will Neff were hanging out in Miami before the Logan Paul – Mayweather fight. Shoutout to CashApp for inviting us! Drop a like and tell us in the comments, if you enjoy sisters doing IRL streams with other content creators!
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  1. Hasan the AOC groupie. Sports her on a t-shirt. Probably has one with the mass murdering psychopath Che Guevara on it. Loves him some Communism. Stalin called fools like him useful idiots.

  2. Why is that weird Andrea trying to one-up Hasan all the time. And why does Hasan take shit from her? He can easily hang out with 1000s of beautiful women who admire him and don't show attitude. Hasan, know your worth. Alexandra has so much better energy than her.

  3. Esti cam proasta daca ai ajuns sa fi prieten cu un terminat comunist precum Hasan :)…bine a-ti iesit cu Amouranth care este o videochatista basically, deci ce plm ma mir :)) dintre toti streameri mai cunoscuti, ai ales fix pe cei mai distrusii sa-i vizitezi :)) bravo fa.

  4. This is so rediculous man. I clicked for the pretty girl; I am a slave to my instincts but man what are these guys even doing? Directly after watchig the video I remember nothing any of them said.

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