Miami Condo Collapse First 911 Calls Released! [CC] Champlain Towers

In this video your host Jeff Ostroff gives you a sample of several of the first emergency 911 phone calls (which we added Close Captioning) that came pouring in after the Miami Condo Collapse of the Champlain Towers South Condo in Surfside, FL at 1:16 AM on June 24, 2021. We also show another video which the Miami Dade Police Department released today as well.

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0:00 Introduction to Champlain Towers South Collapse First 911 Calls

The Champlain Towers South condo complex collapse was located at 8777 Collins Ave. in Surfside, FL, which is just north of Miami beach.

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  1. It’s very easy to criticize both operators and victims here after you know what happened. Listen again the 911 operators try maintain calm. People escaping the building of course are incoherent. Neither knew the horrors or the entirety of what happened. You will experience the event differently if you listen to exactly what is being said and have some empathy for everyone involved in a crisis you’ll experience the true horror of this event.

  2. Did you say it is a waste of time?? Where you there to feel the fear they felt??? That's so freaking disrespectful to say that they were ignoring the dispatch. I wish you go through the same panic and let's see how dumb you will react as well.

  3. You’d think the dispatchers would be better trained on what questions to ask to get a clearer understanding of what’s going on with callers – even if they are already emotionally numb or jaded by their job they should have training to fall back on…otherwise they should be fired or quit or retrained. The people trappped in the garage….not sure how to get out while water pouring in…and not even asking more than once what unit they are going back to, in a building that may collapse next!! Ridiculous.

  4. Not only are you heartless towards the VICTIMS here, you're also trying to sell things under these videos too??? Talk about cashing in on other's misfortune (to put it lightly). I'm done with this guy. Gross.

  5. I shared this on Twitter and Facebook. As I was listening, you know in that moment in time that people were already dead. How sad and chilling at the same time. May they all Rest in Peace and my prayers are with those left behind to grieve a lifetime. 😥🙏❤

  6. "Why did he even bother to call?" Come on, Jeff, have some humanity. The guy is awakened out of a deep sleep to find his building falling to the ground. He's not going to be the paragon of composure.

  7. Miami has very very unprofessional 911 operators!!! I live in Miami and unfortunately I've had to call 911 a few times. They always speak to you like your wasting their time, no ability to speak to people in distress.

  8. I downloaded the drawing for the building, I was surprised that I could not find a foundation plan, I'm wondering about did they use spread footers or pile caps, on the engineering drawing I looked at there is no mention of epoxy coated rebar. I would think that would be required in a sea saltwater environment. Also if you look at the pictures of the still standing columns it looks like the rebar pulled out of the concrete slab instead of shearing. That leads me to believe that the concrete was not mixed for a night salt environment and that the sodium in the salt air caused loss of calcium in the concrete.

  9. Makes me frustrated and angry. I'm guessing 911 operators are minimum wage off the street? You get what you pay for. If a caller tells you all they can see is smoke, you don't need to repeatedly ask if they can see whatnot – they already told you all they can see is smoke. How about asking their apartment number? How about heightened sense of emergency when moments are critical to save lives? Victims were counting on that voice at the other end of the line to know their job. Before repeatedly telling someone to stay put in an underground garage when the person already told you twice it was flooded with water so they were leaving…and they also mentioned awareness of electrical danger… maybe think of something else to say than tell them to stay put and drown? Note to self: don't expect too much when calling 911 – drop the phone and try to save your own life if you can because you may be speaking with someone who was napping and doesn't think too fast. I'd be firing a bunch of people except they probably don't pay enough to replace them with anything but the same. Professionals should have better training to do their critical job properly.

  10. Big mistake when that happens the smoke or u feel ehat u thought a earthquake u get out to see what's going on….. where was the smoke alarms… see we r in 2021 and we living like we live in the 50s. The buildings have no safety at all…….. all them could of lived if we get with the times n technology… but nope. Because of that they died

  11. So the garage went down first? Does that mean they had time to get out? I'm gonna say this…Every single dispatcher needs a course in customer service and empathy. I realize multiple calls came through, but it just seemed like no urgency. It use to be a day 911 would stay on the phone. They made this all seem normal.

  12. Just a constructive criticism~I don't think it's necessary to play the full automated message every single time, with the date. After the first time, I think cutting straight to the time would suffice. We know what the date was.

  13. Who wants to hang on the line and answer a bunch of questions?
    -( "911 what's your emergency")?
    – "The emergency is that something really bad just happened NEAR xxxx location. You need to send some people here to this area. GOODBYE" (click)

  14. No one seems very pannicked, im surprised people could keep it together so well, but also the 911 operators dont seem very sympathetic, and some even seem annoyed. Shame on them. When someone tells you under those conditions they are going back to their apartment…dont you think you should be encouraging them to get away from the building. Totally disgraceful

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