Dwyane Wade- I'm Coming Home 2018 Miami Heat Return Mix [HD]

Welcome back to Miami, Dwyane Wade!

Everyone knows this song…no other music fit better.

I do not own the footage or music in this video. All rights go to their respective owners!

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God bless.


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  1. Love you d wade I've been watching you since I was 4 years old and your the reason I fell in love with basketball you inspired me so much and now 12 years old in middle school and now my friend thinks I'm the best 7th grader in the school so once d wade thank you

  2. from Miami , been watching wade the whole time he was in wade county. Miami still is his home. I hope he comes back to retire here. Him leaving hurt a lot of Miami fans :/ I wish him the best at chi-town and hope he eventually between the 3 yrs he got in him, brings them a championship with butler and rondo.

  3. Great bid! Like usual Lol.
    Im a hard core bulls fan and I remember I was crying for days when rose got traded and i just blocked everything out. i was so sad 😔😔😔😔
    and im happy we got wade. BUT MAD!
    he shouldve stayed in his kingdom!
    i know he had so much pay cuts. but

  4. His home Will ALWAYS BE MIAMI. This is where he accomplished All he's done throughout his Career. Heat Lifer for Ever. It broke his heart having to leave Miami. I Know so. We love U Wade. God Bless U

  5. Wade, Rondo, and Butler are tough players who know how to play defense and they know how to play team ball, along with getting to the line for foul shots, all they need is a strong bench.

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