Miami SOS Cuba protesters start to gather around stage on Calle Ocho

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  1. I never thought I would see Cuban people the way I see them today. A crowd of cowards who won't go take their country but chose to flee instead. They feel like warriors fighting from afar. If they took your weapons then build some be creative just like you build rafts and old Chevys that swim so you can flee.

  2. What kind of help is this doing for those people in the island? Those folks supposedly dying and being tortured in Cuba and yet their so called brothers having a concert here being menaces to society getting drunk and celebrating. Do want more of those people here ? Hell to the nooo.

  3. Go back to Cuba and do the protest cos we have more problems here in usa 🇺🇸. Where are the rich Cubans ?? Time to set your country free cos you all have made enough money in Maimi so go home 🏡 and help

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