4K VIDEO WALK Ocean Drive SOUTH BEACH Miami Beach 4K Florida USA

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4K INCREDIBLE WALK at Ocean Drive night! SOUTH BEACH Miami Beach Florida USA

4k walk , a documentary slow tv travel channel is featuring a series of 4k video walks in Florida USA United States of America.

City walks are a great way to know the town! Walking is what I love, so take a virtual tour with me, virtual walk this beautiful city streets. You will love this travel video. It is reality tv! Let’s virtual hike.

Keep attention on this Florida vlog, there’s more 4k video coming for this USA vlog!
4K VIDEO WALK Ocean Drive SOUTH BEACH Miami Beach 4K Florida USA

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  1. Is it safe to walk around this area at night? I am staying in brickell, how far is it from brickell and what would be the best method of transportation to get there?

  2. Видео посмотрел с интересом. А так, не улица, а шалман какой-то, сплошные столы, толпа идёт в притирку………….. Как говорится, не был, не видел, но осуждаю.

  3. Все так медленно едут) это всегда так) больше 15км в час не разгоняются даже)
    Хотя глядя туда такое ощущение что ни кто ни куда не опаздывает что бы спешить куда нибудь✌🏼👍🏼

  4. Now Ocean Drive” at night is seedy and dangerous . All those beautiful people you see in this video, are long gone. Now a whole new poorer and dangerous demographics is in play. Plus, Cars are not allowed on this street anymore. The Pandemic and tyrannical city ordinance, has stripped Miami of its Glamour.

  5. Looks a lot less exciting today than in depictions of it from the 80s and before. The fashion sense and music may as well be transplanted from any generic ‘party town’ on Earth.

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