Large group in Miami rallies in support of protestors in Cuba

A group of protesters took the streets near Versailles, in Calle Ocho, to support Cuban protesters, who are demanding democracy for the island. Video by Daniel …


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  1. Why did so many of then support Trump? The same
    Trump that places all the sanctions back on cuba after obama removed them …hahah it makes no damn sense. Now look at them

  2. Expecting Socialistic Biden Government to help the opressions in Cuba is like calling the arsonist to put out the fire. They love Communism, Where is the AOC squad, NO WHERE !! this doesn't fit their narrative. He's not your freind

  3. Support the Cuban Americans in removing the communist regime in Cuba. America wake up and realize what a democratic socialist is. It's going to destroy our country . The Cuban people have been suffering at the hand's of socialist ideas that never works. Stop and listen to people who actually live in a communist run country. Start by removing Democrats from office who supports socialism and spread rumors and fears among our citizens

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