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  1. Take down the whole building, destroy the evidence. Now no forensic work will ever be done on why or how the building collapsed. All the evidence is gone. Just like 911. As for all those people worried about what happened to their loved ones, don't worry. Your loved ones will be taken to the county dump, along with all the spoiled hamburger and wilted lettuce.

  2. Watching the implosion, this building seemed like a tougher nut to crack than the first. There was some hesitation in different areas, especially towards that shear wall.

  3. It might be possible, they thought the pool sunk, when actually, the column at the garage exploded, the top half with the deck attached swung up, and the deck rose or the whole building tipped back and lifted the deck. They thought the pool was sinking, but the big problem was under them. The pool never moved. Then minutes later the rest exploded from stress and everything fell down. There is no video of the security camera of what went on before.

  4. i live ten min away from the attack site , the school across my house had a bomb threat a month ago. people please wake the fck up we have always been in war with others who despise our freedoms'

  5. It's Terrorism man , 911 was just the beginning for America and a long drug out ending for Europeans, ever heard of the Ottoman Family, ever heard of the 1st Islamic Revolution (900 years ago) ever heard of Sharia LAW , but hey ignorance is bliss right

  6. So I guess residents aren’t allowed back to get any previous belongings? What is the big hurry? sounds like there is too much evidence that needs to go away.

  7. This plan designed manually for tow concepts
    Flat slab with Beams
    And flat slab without beams
    Both are corrects, but some times we need to put dropes panels around columns. If total loads is not ok

    and some times we increase the thickness of slabs or put drope columns, (huge loads) example traffic way parking

    It very difficult to design without using software Etabs and Safe.

  8. When a collapse has this much press coverage, demolition final decisions are more times than not made by ‘grandstanding’ politicians, mayors, etc. after consulting with engineers.

  9. I just realized that if they implode the building, any evidence of implosion before will be hidden. I believe you when you say that you don't think the building was imploded, but I really hope that they explore it as an option, nonetheless.

  10. It's striking the difference of column sizes.. the thicker ones are the only ones that seem to still be standing.. was there a change in builders?

  11. I would suspect pulling a damaged building has many more issues than an old but sound building? Especially with how little time the demolition crews have in this case.

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