Champlain Towers Building Collapses at Miami Beach in Surfside, Florida | newshour4u

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Champlain Towers Building partially collapses in Miami Beach in Surfside, Florida.

MASS casualties are feared, after a 12-story apartment block partially collapsed near Miami beach.

Witnesses reportedly heard screams, from the rubble as more than 80 emergency crews, responded to the incident around 2am on Thursday.

The apartment is believed to be named Champlain Towers South.

Footage shows a large section of the building, that had collapsed into a pile of rubble, near Collins Avenue on 88th Street, NBC Miami reports.

Multiple people are thought to be injured, but the exact number remains unknown.

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  1. This sadness, grief and disbelief among people will slowly morph into anger when it is figured out that these were likely multiple bomb attacks on TWO separate buildings! … bombs that were planted on multiple floors of each structure and detonated from the outside by remote device. Likely suspects? A foreign and/or other anti US domestic group such as Al-Queda, an Iran-sponsored terrorist group, or other known enemy. This was NOT a foundation or structural flaw … not on two separate buildings!

    Saw two different TV interviews (YouTubes) with three different people who said they heard two "booms" (with "multiple sounds," "three different distinct sounds") at separate times around 1:30 am and they thought they were explosions. The buildings that fell began to topple about 8 seconds apart. We will be told not to believe what was heard or "our lying eyes." Watch the local TV news affiliate YouTubes to get nearby resident reactions, not the corporate MSM videos.

  2. Jun 18 2021- US Navy Releasing Video Of Moment 40,000lb Bomb Explodes Off Coast Of Florida Triggering Earthquake 100 Miles Away. Coincidence?

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